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VISITING practitioner 

Italian born Sabino Manzulli has over twenty years of experience as a licensed massage therapist and is recognized as one of the spa world’s leading master therapist. His private practice is based in Kailua, on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, though he very often travels abroad to Europe and Asia to provide personalized programs for his clients and as a visiting master, with multi-award–winning Spa & Retreat Centers around the world. 


Mentoring Program

No matter how confident a therapist can be in the execution of a massage, to further continue develop their therapeutic skills remains essential and a natural process. Training isn’t just about the technique. The work of a massage therapist doesn’t revolve around massage only, it is a complex job that requires emotional, intellectual and spiritual alertness. Continuous training allows massage therapists to keep up with the environment they operate in, clients have new expectations, old techniques and repeated actions can cause loss of interest and lack of concentration.