Mentoring Program


therapists Mentoring program  


It is essential that massage therapists need to further continue develop their therapeutic skills as part of their professional evolution. Massage isn’t just about technique. The work of a therapist doesn’t revolve around massage only, it requires emotional, intellectual and spiritual presence. Personalized training allows massage therapists to learn new modalities to be applied directly within the environment they operate in. As clients have new expectations, old techniques and repeated actions can cause loss of interest and lack of concentration. The right mentoring program enables them to stay alert, curious and passionate about their work. New challenges keep therapists inspired and force them to leave their comfort zone to embrace new ideas, to become excellent spa professionals able to manage the most challenging situations.

Sabino Manzulli brings nineteen years of practical experience in bodywork, as well as a holistic hands-on approach to massage. Attendees should expect a rich and diverse learning environment with plenty of hands-on training. Self discovery, personal growth and the understanding of the power of touch, are at the foundation of every training class. The understanding of these new essential skills are developed through focus activities and exercises, which are tailored based on the individual needs. The emphasis of these training classes are for those therapists interested in deepening their awareness and strengthen their intuition, while discovering new ways of working with their clients. Sabino's mentoring techniques and his love to educate others, will inspire confidence and prepare therapists to achieve another level of greatness! 

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