About the therapist

Italian born Sabino Manzulli has over twenty years of experience as a licensed massage therapist and is recognized as one of the spa world’s leading master therapist. His private practice is based in Kailua, on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, though he very often travels abroad to Europe and Asia to provide personalized programs for his clients and as visiting master with multi-award–winning Spa & Retreat Centers around the world. 

As an holistic practitioner, he offers customized healing sessions designed to target the specific needs of the individual. He draws from a diverse range of modalities to accomplish regenerative work. His intuitive understanding of anatomy and ability to identify emotional blockages in the body, has enabled him to deliver transformative experiences for his clients. 

He is the creator of the Total Emotional Release technique. This innovative therapeutic approach has proven to be one of the most comprehensive therapeutic solution that reconnects all the aspect of wellness in its holistic entirety. As it is well documented, repressed emotions are often the case of onset of disease in the physical body. This new therapeutic approach, heals from a holistic vantage point, harmonizing mind, body and spirit. 

His work on post operative radical mastectomy, was recognized by the American Cancer Society and published in the national "Massage & Bodywork Magazine". 

Sabino Manzulli